[Tex/LaTex] Increase spacing between text and symbol in Notations


I am using scrbook package to write my report. I am defining the list of notations as follows:

\item[\textbf{Roman Symbols}]}{%           R - Roman
\item[\textbf{Greek Symbols}]}{%           G - Greek
\item[\textbf{Superscripts}]}{%            S - Superscripts
\item[\textbf{Subscripts}]}{%              U - Subscripts
\item[\textbf{Other Symbols}]}{%           X - Other Symbols

I am using these commands in my text as follows:

\nomenclature[r]{$\mG_\mathrm{{ant}}$}{Antenna Gain [dB]}
\nomenclature[r]{$\mU(r,\theta,\phi)$}{Antenna Pattern in the Angular Domain}

I am getting the output as

I would like to (1)increase the spacing between notation and text so that they look aligned and (2)decrease the spacing between two consecutive notations. I would highly appreciate if someone tells me how to do so.

Best Answer

For the first problem, you can set


in the preamble (adjust to the needed value), or follow the method suggested for how to set label width to widest element using nomencl? (a bit more complicated).

For the second problem, the manual of nomencl suggests


(also in the document preamble).