[Tex/LaTex] Impossible to save LaTeX file in Texmaker on Windows


Yesterday, I downloaded the latest version of MiKTeX and Texmaker and started using XeLaTeX. Today, I am no longer able to compile or save any .tex file. When I try to do so, a message pops up: “The file could not be saved. Please check if you have write permission.”

Do you have any idea of how I could fix this problem?

Best Answer

Starting from TeXmaker 4.0 built on Qt5, with TeXmaker 4.0.1, save it as .tex extension otherwise it will pop up error due to Qt5 file dialog box.

It is not saved as .tex automatically starting from new version(4.0) as latex file can have many extensions like .cls .sty .dtx etc..


"It's not a bug, but the default behavior of the Qt5 file dialog" as mentioned by Author in Issue Tracker.

Unfortunately this behaviour is missing at changelog.