[Tex/LaTex] Image aspect ratio changing


so I'm pretty new to Latex and I'm trying to include a 716×540 image into my latex file like this:


But after I convert the .tex to a .pdf via pandoc, the aspect ratio of the image has changed, as in the image is streched weirdly. Here's an image: screenshot
on the right you can see the original image and on the left is my pdf.

Why is this happening?

Edit: live demo: https://www.sharelatex.com/read/tnhkpdcbxyzq

Best Answer

As you can see in your project, if you replace the image you are using there with the other image it works fine... The problem is the image and has nothing to do with latex and friends.

I tried to open it with inkscape and it was like latex output.

Then tried with other programs and seemed to be ok... but wasn't.

Solution: I used shotwell and saved with the below settings :

enter image description here

The saved image was ok but I suggest to learn some tikz and create such images inside latex.