[Tex/LaTex] How to reset page numbering in a thesis document


I am using a predefined document class that I downloaded from my school website to write my thesis. It creates the front page, table of contents, and then rest of the document in the given sequence. Page numbering starts from the first chapter.
My school requires a scanned copy of a signed form right after the table of content. When I insert it, the page numbering starts from the page on which this figure (form takes a whole page) is inserted. I want page numbering to start from my first chapter.


\begin{figure}[htp] \centering{


Now page number is removed from the page on which I have inserted the figure, but the number '2' is showing up on the introduction section.

This means that \setcounter{page}{1} didn't work.

How should I fix this problem?

Best Answer

I don't know if this is still active, but actually I think that you should reset the counter exactly after the chapter title.


like so.