[Tex/LaTex] how to print the \sectionautorefname with autoref, but without hyper-linking the \sectionautorefname


EDIT: @Faekynn and @Mico you are right that the starred version disable the hyperlinkification, but is it possible to disable it only for the \sectionautorefname, but still keep it for the section number ?


how to have the feature of autoref, that is to say printing the sectionautorefname+ section number but without a hyper-link for the sectionautorefname.

It must work for the other sectionning units.

Best Answer

If the hyperref package is loaded, use the "starred" versions of various cross-referencing macros -- \autoref*, \ref*, etc. -- if you don't want to create hyperlinks.

\section{First}  \label{sec:first}
\subsection{abc} \label{subsec:abc}
\subsection{xyz} \label{subsec:xyz}

As argued in \autoref{subsec:abc}, \dots  % hyperlink is created

As argued in \autoref*{subsec:xyz}, \dots % hyperlink is not created