[Tex/LaTex] how to get good looking copyright and registered symbols


I'm trying to include copyright © or registered ® symbols in my document. However they look terrible! As far as I can tell it is generating a small caps letter with a big circle around it (not even centered).

I have tried using \textregistered and also using [utf]{inputenc} and putting the symbol in directly… they both look the same.

enter image description here

I am using [utopia]{mathdesign} for the fonts – perhaps this is something to do with it?

Best Answer

Use the textcomp package, which offers a \textregistered symbol (both serif and sans-serif), different to standard LaTeX which uses \textcircled.



alt text

Here are the original LaTeX definitions from latex.ltx:

      \check@mathfonts\fontsize\sf@size\z@\math@fontsfalse\selectfont R}}

If designed symbols like those of textcomp wouldn't fit to your text font, you could use \textcircled similarly to create a symbol with the used font together with some correction if necessary, with \raisebox etc.

For ConTeXt, use the \registered{} and \trademark{} macros.

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