[Tex/LaTex] How to deal with PDF figures


I can insert JPEG figures in publications, but when it comes the time to include PDF figures (I prefer them for graphics because of its vectorial nature) I cannot scale them properly.

I am using width=0.5\textwidth because I have two-column text format, but I guess there should be a more elegant method to adjust.

I also don't find any help for \includegraphics inside figure environment commands, like


Any link or help on this topic would be nice.

Best Answer

Use either \linewidth or \columnwidth. You can also use \centering before the \includegraphics if the image size is smaller than \linewidth.

enter image description here



\section{Higgs Boson}
\caption{Image A}

\caption{Image B}


Edit 3

We usually ignore the file extension for the sake of simplicity (we can change compiler easily later).

If you use pdflatex then the compiler will search for JPG, PNG, or PDF. If you use latex then the compiler will search for EPS. For xelatex, it will search for JPG, PNG, PDF, and EPS.