[Tex/LaTex] How to customize chapter heading in thesis


I need help in formatting my thesis. I m using isuthesis class.
My university guidelines doesnt match with isuthesis CHAPTER HEADING STYLE AND SECTION HEADING STYLE.

aCCORDING TO UNIVERSITY, The format for typing Chapter headings Divisions headings and sub-division headings are explained through the following illustrative examples.

Chapter headings (at the centre of the page) : CHAPTER 1


Division heading (Left justified) : 1.1 OUTLINE OF THESIS

Sub-division heading (left justified) : 1.1.2 Literature review.

My thesis code snippet is given here and the output i have attcahed as an image.
My latex code gives me CHAPTER HEADING AS —
CHAPTER1. INTRODUCTION ( want this in two line)

and division heading as — enter image description here
1.1 Introduction ( want this in upper case)

% Template file for a standard thesis
% Standard, old-style thesis
\usepackage{isutraditional}   \chaptertitle
% Old-style, thesis numbering down to subsubsection

%Optional Package to add PDF bookmarks and hypertext links




below given is the chpater 1 code.


    This is the opening paragraph to my thesis which
    explains in general terms the concepts and hypothesis


    Here initial concepts and conditions are explained and


    Here one particular hypothesis is explained


Best Answer

In general I would suggest using the \uppercase{}-command. You can put this command into \section{} directly or define your own command. A MWE using documentclass report is shown below:




\chapter{Chapter One}

\section{\uppercase{Section One}}

\upsection{Using own command}

Unfortunately, I do not know whether this is working with isuthesis or not.