[Tex/LaTex] How to change the position of the caption in a “narrow” and “minipage” environment

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I have some huge figures to include in Latex. Therefore I use the "minipage" and "narrow" environment to place it right at the desired position and to move it to the left until it looks centered. Then, however, the caption moves to the left, too. The result: The figure is centered and the caption is not. The longer the caption, the worse it looks because it moves more and more to the left. Now I want to move the caption to the right until its "centered" again.

Here an example:



\setkomafont{captionlabel}{\sffamily \bfseries}


\includegraphics[width=600pt, height=273pt]{figureName}%
\figcaption{Here is a long caption, the longer it is, the worse it looks}%


Heres an example:

enter image description here

Above picture illustrates the situation: The caption needs to move to the right until its centered again.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

Can't run your example without the image but it seems that you don't really want the narrow/minipage which is just moving the caption. If you want the caption to go in the normal place but move the image; just move the image:

\includegraphics[width=600pt, height=273pt]{figureName}%

for whatever lengths look right.