[Tex/LaTex] How to change background colour in texworks


I am using texworks for the first time, I want to change the background of the editor from dark to white, as the code is not visible in dark background. I am using texworks in Manjaro Linux on GNOME desktop environment. Please help me.

editor background

Best Answer

As an alternative to changing the background color you may easily change the highlighting colors by altering the file ~/.TeXworks/configuration/syntax-patterns.txt:

dark theme

# special characters
orangered               N       [\$#\^_\{\}&]

# LaTeX environments
lightseagreen        N       \\(?:begin|end)\s*\{[^\}]*\}

# LaTeX packages
lightskyblue       N       \\usepackage\s*(?:\[[^\]]*\]\s*)?\{[^\}]*\}

# control sequences
lightsteelblue               N       \\(?:[A-Za-z@]+|.)

# comments
grey                    Y       %.*