[Tex/LaTex] How to Bold and Italic a particular word throughout the document in latex


I need to use Bold or Italic a particular word through my latex document, where ever it is used, without explicitly mentioning textbf{} and textit{} on each of them. How can I do that?

A good analogy would be, CSS to HTML tags.

Is it possible to this in Latex?

Best Answer

Here is \mymarkup in a starred and unstarred variant. The unstarred variant gives \textbf{...} and the starred one is responsible for italic version. The double starred version gives bold and italic and the optional parameter changes the text:



      {\bfseries\itshape #3}%

\mymarkup\ is better than \mymarkup*\, which is followed by \mymarkup**\ again

\mymarkup[Don't use xspace]\ is better than \mymarkup*[Don't use xspace]\, which is followed by \mymarkup**[Don't use xspace]\ again


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