[Tex/LaTex] How to add PDFtoSVG to path in order to use writetex in Inkscape


The goal is to use LateX equations within Inkscape. I would like to utilize writetex. On its site, under installation, it is written to:

Make sure you have at least one LaTeX command and one PDFtoSVG
converter are in your path.

As far as LaTex path is concerned, I made sure that I have the entry within path system variable according to kamilk's answer.
I would like to know how to add this PDFtoSVG to path with least possible effort. I found an application, which requires additional installations and looks to work only on Linux.

Can you show me the most straightforward way to make everything work:
which PDFtoSVG program should I download and how to correctly add it to the path?

I have Inkscape 0.92, Mitex package and Windows 7.

Best Answer

I had the same problem and I found the following solution.

It's been a while since the original post and there may have already been found a solution, but I'll answer because it could help someone looking for the same issue.

First, I assume that one has already downloaded pdf2svg for Windows from this link: https://github.com/jalios/pdf2svg-windows (green button [Clone or Download] > Download Zip)

Extract it, choose the 32bit or 64bit folder according to the system and copy it for example, in C:\Program Files\pdf2svg.
Now, a new environment variable must be set as follows:

Control Panel > Advanced system settings > [Environment Variables...]

In User-Variables-for-<username>, click on PATH and [Edit...], click on [New], then [Browse...], find and Add the previous directory C:\Program Files\pdf2svg. Then finally accept everything.
Now it should work!

This page explains everything in Spanish: https://medium.com/@01luisrene/como-agregar-variables-de-entorno-so-windows-10-e7f38851f11f