[Tex/LaTex] How to add/install the graphicx package to LaTeX?


This is likely a naive and simple question, so apologies for that. I'm trying to incorporate figures in TeXworks. I understand I need to use the graphicx package. What I can't figure out is whether I need to install something before I put the \usepackage{graphicx} into the preamble.
If so, I have downloaded the .ins-file from CTAN and it's in the folder with all the other .tex docs, but not sure how to "activate" it from there.

Thank you

Best Answer

As mentioned by others, graphicx should be installed already, and you don't need to do anything more than \usepackage{graphicx} into your preamble. It is highly unlikely in my opinion that you have a TeX-installation which doesn't include this package.

To install/update packages in the future, you can have a look at this post: How do I update my TeX distribution?

Here is a quick test-example which uses graphicx


enter image description here




  \caption{An example image}