[Tex/LaTex] How to install a specialist package of metafonts on TeX Live


I'm new on LaTeX, can you tell me how to install byzfonts ("Byzantine Music Font") on TeX Live? I've downloaded it from CTAN, but there is no installation manual for it.

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I started trying to answer this but I can't understand the package well enough.

There are a lot of files here and the file names don't make sense to me. For example, the .sty files are certainly not LaTeX packages. So they are 'style' files in some other sense I'm not familiar with. Moreover, there do not seem to be any .fd files to support the use of the fonts with LaTeX, although there is certainly support for LaTeX in .tex files defining new commands.

Are these meant to be installed as fonts at all? Or are they meant to be used in some other way?

Best Answer

What worked for me on MacOSX (you didn't specify your own platform yet):

  • Install the STY and Defs directories into the tex directory of your personal TEXMF directory (here on MacOSX in ~/Library/texmf/tex/byzfonts, arborescence to be created if needed, on other Unixes it would be probably ~/texmf/tex/byzfonts);
  • Install the Alphabet folder, the XAP folders and the byyf.mf, byzf.mf, bzal.mf files in the ~/Library/texmf/fonts/source/byzfonts directory (also create this arborescence if needed);

Note: ~ stands for your personal HOME directory, that is /Users/<your_username> on MacOSX.

You can choose to install those files in you local texmf directory instead, /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local on MacOSX (and other Unixes as well it seems), but then you'll have to enter, after the previous steps, the mktexlsr or texhash instruction on the command line, as a "super user" (in MacOSX, sudo mktexlsr).

If I compile the file tst.tex I get this:

enter image description here