[Tex/LaTex] How to abbreviate “\begin{frame}”, “\end{frame}”, and “\frametitle”


Aware abbreviating those commands need not always be helpful, I would like to know how to abbreviate them? The following is what I tried, which does not work:









At first I thought it might be the case that commands such as \bframe was already defined. But using \def instead still gives no desired result.

Best Answer

You can obtain a result similar to \begin{frame}...\end{frame} by


but I can't see any improvement both in typing speed and in clarity of the typescript.

With the above definition you can do


but don't even try adding arguments such as [fragile] because it won't definitely work.

There is no problem into doing


but, again, I see no advantage in typing

\ftitle{Gnus and gnats}

instead of

\frametitle{Gnus and gnats}