[Tex/LaTex] Gobble page numbers


In my document I have 5 pages that consist of the chapter name. I want these pages not to have page numbers displayed and not to contribute to the page numbering.

This is what I am trying to achieve:

…, p5, p6, blank page, p7, p8, …

By using \thispagestyle{empty} on the blank page and I get:

…, p5, p6, blank page, p8, p9, …

where the blank page has been included in the numbering.

I then tried to use \pagenumbering{gobble} on the blank page and then \pagenumbering{arabic}

on the next consecutive page but the numbering was reset to give:

…, p5, p6, blank page, p1, p2, …

How can I prevent the gobble input from resetting the page numbering?

Best Answer

Here's a little example of what you want. Note

  • \thispagestyle{empty} suppresses the page number on the current page.

  • You can fiddle with the page numbering using commands like \addtocounter{page}{-1}. (You could instead use \setcounter{page}{\thepage-1}, but that requires loading the calc package, which lets you evaluate numerical expressions like \thepage-1.)



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