[Tex/LaTex] free LaTeX IDE that keeps indentation when word-wrapping


I've used TeXnicCenter almost exclusively over the rather short amount of time I've been using LaTeX. I like it quite a bit, except that wrapped parts of long lines are not indented at all. I would prefer for long lines to soft-wrap to the same indentation as the beginning of the line so that I can easily see the structure of my document.

Are there any good LaTeX IDEs out there that preserve the indentation of a line when word-wrapping?

Note the following:

  • To me, hard word wrapping is unacceptable.
  • I'm using Windows (obviously, given that I use TeXnicCenter).
  • I don't have any desire to learn Emacs or Vim at the moment, although I suspect they have ways to do this. Their learning curves are too steep for my current situation.
  • I think WinEdt has this feature, but it's not free.

Edit: This feature is now available in the current version of TeXnicCenter under view --> Same Indent for Wrapped Lines, so that's what I use. I've also become moderately proficient with Vim since I asked this question, but have never been able to find a good/simple way of preserving indentation for wrapped lines in Vim.

Best Answer

Did you try out TexMakerX http://texmakerx.sourceforge.net/? It is free, has a very, very powerful editor, is available for different platforms and it should do what you want (if I understood your question correctly, see example screenshot). enter image description here

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