[Tex/LaTex] Formatting list of acronyms


I am using the acro package to define and reference acronyms in a document. This has been working fine and the list prints. However, everything in the list is double spaced and I would like to have acronyms with very long long-names be only single spaced. A sample of code I am working with is



\acsetup{list-style=tabular, only-used=false, sort=false}
\DeclareInstance{acro-title}{empty}{sectioning}{name-format =}

    short = VLA,
    long  = This acronym is so long that the long from requires two lines to display it

    short = EVIL,
    long  = Every Villain is Lemons



\printacronyms[heading = empty]



And the output looks like this

Acronym that requires two lines

I would like the VLA acronym to be single spaced, but have double spacing between the VLA and EVIL acronyms.


Best Answer


  table = tabular ,
  before = \singlespacing\renewcommand\arraystretch{1.655}

to your MWE gives

enter image description here

\singlespacing also adds an additional vertical skip of \baselineskip which you might want to remove:

  table = tabular ,
  before = \singlespacing\vspace*{-\baselineskip}\renewcommand\arraystretch{1.655}

1.655 is the stretch value setspace uses for double spacing when the font size is 12pt.

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