[Tex/LaTex] Footnote near author’s name does not appear


I'm submitting a paper at AISTATS 2015, and I wish to add a footnote about an author. I tried using \thanks and \footnote, but only the footnote number appears, the footnote text does not appear.

Here's the style file we are required to use: https://github.com/vitorguizilini/AISTATS2015/blob/master/aistats2015.sty and a sample paper: http://pastebin.com/sXzTDvLU (see line 33 for the footnote).

My ultimate aim is to achieve something like this: http://jmlr.csail.mit.edu/proceedings/papers/v5/sunehag09a/sunehag09a.pdf

I'm not familiar with LaTeX programming. Any idea how the style file should be modified?


Best Answer

a \footnote on any element in a "closed" environment (titles, authors, captions, ...) will be absent from the output, so a different approach must be taken.

instead of \footnote, enter \footnotemark with the author:

\author{name of author\footnotemark}

then, after the "closed" environment is complete (here probably ended by \maketitle), enter the footnote material itself:

\footnotetext{text of footnote}

if there is more than one footnote involved (say, separately for two authors), it will be necessary to adjust the counter before issuing the first \footnotetext. this would be done by


or other appropriate value.

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