[Tex/LaTex] footmisc in beamer citations get lost


Since I want to take advantage as much as possible of the space in a poster I'm making I want to make the footnotes (that include citations) appear continuous (in one line). After searching I found this post that says that I can achieve that using the footmisc package.

The problem is that when I use it, my footnotes disappear. Consider the following example code. If you remove the \usepackage[norule,para]{footmisc}, the footnotes appear properly.



              this is some test text\footnotemark
    %Second Column %


Is there some problem with the footmisc package and the the beamer class or am I doing something wrong?

Best Answer

You can't use both packages together. beamer has its own \footnote definition and you are destroying it if you load footmisc.

I would probably simply fake the para look. E.g.

\footnotetext{osborne-rubinstein, \textsuperscript{2}test}