[Tex/LaTex] Font size of Figure Caption Header


My question is about changing the font size.

I have to insert two figures side by side. Coming to inserting the captions for the figures individually:

Figure 3: blah blah.....................Figure 4: blah blah...

I am able to change the font size of "blah blah". What I want to know is how to change the font size of "Figure 3" or "Figure 4", say the figure headers or something. I do not know what they are called to search on-line.

Best Answer

You can do this (and more!) with the caption package


will make Figure in bold, and make the caption content small.

Referencing Section 2.3 of the documentation, the size options for font are as follows:

  • scriptsize
  • footnotesize
  • small
  • normalsize
  • large
  • Large

Here's a MWE to play with




  \caption{My caption here}
  \caption{My other caption here}