[Tex/LaTex] elsarticle two column text infringe to abstract


I found no template for Elsevier Expert Systems with Applications therefore, I tried to edit Procedia template. I have a problem

  • The text has infringed to the line below abstract and keywords.





\journal{Expert Systems with Applications}

\runauth{Me et al.}

%% The choice of journal logo is determined by the \jid and \jnltitlelogo commands.
%% A user-supplied logo with the name <\jid>logo.pdf will be inserted if present.
%% e.g. if \jid{yspmi} the system will look for a file yspmilogo.pdf
%% Otherwise the content of \jnltitlelogo will be set between horizontal lines as a default logo

%% Give the abbreviation of the Journal.

%% Give a short journal name for the dummy logo (if needed)

\jnltitlelogo{Expert Systems with Applications}

%% Hereafter the template follows `elsarticle'.
%% For more details see the existing template files elsarticle-template-harv.tex and elsarticle-template-num.tex.






\title{title title title title title title }





\section{first section}




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Best Answer

Under the 3p document class option, there is a default \vspace*{-20pt} inserted after creating the title. Strange, but true. You can just negate this via an etoolbox patch:

  % \patchcmd{<cmd>}{<search>}{<replace>}{<success>}{<failure>}