[Tex/LaTex] Drawing a motor shaft in TikZ


I'd like to create a picture like the one with TikZ:

enter image description here

I've already created the electrical part using circuitikz. I'd like to add the part on the right (the motor's shaft with arrows), but don't know how to start, actually. Is there a way to draw 3D shapes, maybe? Or should I draw circles and rotate them?



\begin{circuitikz} \draw
(0,0) to [V, v=$v(t)$, *-*] (0,2) 
    to [R, l=$R_d$] (2,2)
    to [L, l=$L_d$] (4,2)
    to [V, v<=$e(t)$] (4,0) to [generic] (4,2) -- (4,0) -- (0,0);


What I have now: What it looks like now

What I'm still missing: What I'm still missing

Best Answer

This can be best done with cylinders but for the shading effects one can do some manual construction too.

\draw[fill=blue!50](0,0) circle (1 and 2);
\draw[top color=blue!25,bottom color=black,middle color=blue!50] (-0.5,2) arc (90:270:1 and 2) -- ++(0.5,0) arc (-90:-270:1 and 2) -- cycle;
\draw[top color=white,bottom color=black!70] (0,3mm) arc (90:270:1.5mm and 3mm)--++(3cm,0) arc (-90:-270:1.5mm and 3mm)-- cycle;
\draw (3cm,3mm) arc (90:-90:1.5mm and 3mm);

enter image description here