[Tex/LaTex] Does enumitem conflict with beamer for lists


I am using the enumitem package in a beamer presentation.
When I added a usepackage directive for it, the bullets in front of itemize lists disappeared.

I tried restoring them by using

\setbeamertemplate{itemize item}{\scriptsize\raise1.25pt\hbox{\donotcoloroutermaths$\blacktriangleright$}}
\setbeamertemplate{itemize subitem}{\tiny\raise1.5pt\hbox{\donotcoloroutermaths$\blacktriangleright$}}
\setbeamertemplate{itemize subsubitem}{\tiny\raise1.5pt\hbox{\donotcoloroutermaths$\blacktriangleright$}}
\setbeamertemplate{enumerate item}{\insertenumlabel.}
\setbeamertemplate{enumerate subitem}{\insertenumlabel.\insertsubenumlabel}
\setbeamertemplate{enumerate subsubitem}{\insertenumlabel.\insertsubenumlabel.\insertsubsubenumlabel}
\setbeamertemplate{enumerate mini template}{\insertenumlabel}

but that didn't help.

Is there a way to set up bullets in beamer when using the enumitem package? I want to actually set a latex symbol or even an .png image of my own.

Best Answer

enumitem redefines beamer list features. You can combine enumitem with beamer features and templates. This example demonstrates the use of \setitemize (from enumitem) with beamer templates, restoring font, color and template of the current beamer theme:

\setitemize{label=\usebeamerfont*{itemize item}%
  \usebeamercolor[fg]{itemize item}
  \usebeamertemplate{itemize item}}
    \item First item
    \item Second item

So, with a default beamer document, you would get blue triangles also with enumitem.

enumitem and beamer demo

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