[Tex/LaTex] Distinguish \nameref references in print version


I used the \nameref command to reference to names of captions etc.
I also used the option colorlinks=true so I have colored references which can be distinguished form "normal" text.

In my print version of the document I colored the links to black.
Now I'd like to set them to italic or surround them with apostrophes or something like that.

I already tried to renew the \nameref command, but I didn't get it to work


I allways get an error message, which says

LaTeX Error: \namref undefined.

Any ideas?

Best Answer

Option hidelinks is available since hyperref 2011/02/05 v6.82a. \nameref can be redefined the following way (assuming the star form is not needed):



\section{Hello World}
This is section \nameref{sec:hello}.