[Tex/LaTex] Creating a footnote in a paper title


I'm trying to create a footnote in my document title, but coming a bit unstuck – the document starts as so:


\title{This is my title\footnote{Just a note.}}

I get a dot after the title, presumably the footnote indicator, but the footnote text is nowhere to be seen.

Could anyone shed some light on this?

Best Answer

Your issue is fully related to this custom class you are using. In the version that I found on the web the \maketitle macro does not execute


as the standard classes do. You could, of course, use the \thanks macro (directly) or add two tiny lines of code to your preamble:

\renewcommand{\maketitle}{\begingroup\let\footnote=\thanks \ACMmaketitle\endgroup}
\title{This is my title\footnote{Just a note.}}

The choice is up to you.