[Tex/LaTex] Colored fancy boxes


I am trying to produce some fancy boxes. I have found the fancybox package that does the boxes I want.

What I can't find now is: How do I change their background color?

I would also like to make the box occupy the whole \textwidth.

Can anyone help?

Best Answer

You mean the fancybox (not fancyboxes) package? It does not support colors by itself.

I would use the framed package together with xcolor to define the fancy box you want. If you do not require special stuff like verbatim material you could simply go with:

% ...
\fcolorbox{<frame color>}{<background color>}{\parbox{\textwidth}{%
   \color{<text color>}%

Otherwise define an own framed environment. Then the box will be \textwidth wide by itself. It even support page break, i.e. splits over multiple pages if the internal text does.


  \def\FrameCommand{\fboxsep=\FrameSep \fcolorbox{<frame color>}{<background color>}}%
  \color{<text color>}\MakeFramed {\FrameRestore}}%