[Tex/LaTex] changing TOC font family / removing chapter headings in ‘report’ document class

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I'm new to LaTeX, so please bear with me for a bit if the description of my problem seems incoherent 🙂

I've started to write my thesis using the report document class, but I've soon found out that it insists on prepending a redundant Chapter n to any chapter I begin. I've tried to work around this by declaring my chapters as \chapter*{Sneaky chapter}, but this causes them to be omitted from the TOC.

I've switched to the scrreprt document class since then, and it does pretty much what I wanted from it regarding the chapter headings, aside from the unsightly sans-serif font it insists on using. So, I've restyled my chapter headings (and sections, and so on and so forth) using the following:


Again, this does exactly what it says on the tin, but the headings in the TOC remain in the default sans-serif font.

So, in a nutshell, it would be pretty awesome if the chapter headings were set using the default serif font, and the unneeded Chapter n gotten rid of. There are no doubt dozens of possible ways to achieve this, I'm sure, but my LaTeX-fu is sadly not up to the task yet.

Best Answer

Can all be done with internal features of KOMA Script.





For details see the user guide.