[Tex/LaTex] Changing the color of user defined commands in TeXmaker


I have some own commands (as \note) that I usually define in the beginning of each document, which I would like TeXmaker to highlight in the same way as similar commands such as sections and math are given own and distinct colors in the the .tex document when viewed in TeXmaker (i.e. I would like to be able to give my own commands colors distinct from those of other commands). Is this possible?

Best Answer

  • user tags like \begin{customenvironment}.... \end{customenvironment} can be added using Texmaker menu --> User-->User tags-->Edit User tags
  • user latex commands like \note[]{} can be added using Texmaker menu--> User--> Customize completion. In Customize completion dialog box type \note[@]{@} --> Press add-->Ok ( @ brings a vacant . to replace with command options)

Sometimes it may need a restart of Texmaker for user tags.

For more texmaker documentation go through this