[Tex/LaTex] change title font and text font for preparing IEEE poster


I had prepared a paper for an IEEE Conf. Now, it's required to prepare a poster for presenting my work.

Some of guidelines of preparing poster are as follow:

  1. Poster Space: Plan on using an area that consists of two side-by-side bulletin boards,
    each 1.2 m tall x 2.4 m wide (4 × 8ft).

2.The title of your paper should appear in block letters, which are at least 10 cm high (4
in). The remaining text should be at least 5 cm high (2 in) to be easily legible to viewers
who are standing as far as 2 meters away. Each graph or chart should be at least 27 × 21
cm (11 × 8.5 in) with text that is also readable from 2 meters away.Provide an
Introduction or Outline, and Summary or Conclusion.

How can I change my paper size from a4 to guideline1?
I added the following line


to change my paper size.

How can I change title and text font size?

this is my title :

\title{\LARGE My Title}

and how can I change its font size?

Best Answer

If you need to make titles and text really big, consider using the fix-cm package:


Then, when you want to specify the text size you can write:

   \title{{\fontsize{200}{240}\selectfont Your text here}}

Work on the two numbers to adjust the size.