[Tex/LaTex] Change paper size in journal document class


I'm using this journal's style files and I can see that the .cls file defines paper size as a4paper in the following line:


However, compiling any document with this class uses a US letter paper, which crops the bottom. I can't even use a4paper as an option. What should I change to get A4 sizing?

If you want an MWE, just try recompiling the gjilguid2e.tex that is present in the zip file. The included PDF file is A4, but upon recompiling, it switches to US letter for me.

Best Answer

The class gji does not provide \paperwidth and \paperheight. Also the output driver (pdfTeX, dvips, …) is not notified about the paper dimensions (LaTeX does not do this job). The former can be done manually, the latter can be done by package geometry. Option pass is used to avoid changing the current page layout settings.

\setlength{\paperheight}{297mm}% fixed.
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