[Tex/LaTex] Change paper size in mid-document


My document should be letterpaper and my attachments should be a4paper. I had high hopes for the \newgeometry command from the geometry package, but the documentation says

\newgeometry is almost similar to
\geometry except that \newgeometry
disables all the options specified in
the preamble and skips the
papersize-related options: landscape,
portrait and paper size options (such
as papersize, paper=a4paper and so

Any help is appreciated!

Best Answer

The following works in PDFLaTeX:

Normal page
\eject \pdfpagewidth=3in \pdfpageheight=10in
Tall page
\eject \pdfpagewidth=10in \pdfpageheight=3in
Wide page

That should work with Xelatex. See the SO qn, Change paper size in the middle of a latex document?, for more.

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