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I posted the question here: http://www.latex-community.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=11499&sid=ff51ce4bc05d87957773d360d33ffa91 but nobody answered, so I'm posting my question here ;]

I am using miktex 2.9.
Compiling with pdflatex.

I want to increase the numwidth in TOC of part entry in article class to make titles of parts aligned to one line.

The minimal example:




Neither seems to work:


I can easily modify numwidth of sections subsections etc. Changes are reflected in TOC.

While reading tocloft documentation it is stated:

There is no explicit numwidth for a
part; instead a gap of 1em is put
between the number and the title text.

However while reading tocloft.sty I see no difference between definitions of \renewcommand*{\l@part}[2] and \renewcommand*{\l@section}[2].
All modifications to tocloft.sty concerning partnumwidth fail to deliver.

Any ideas? I will be grateful for help!

Best Answer

The only thing that comes to mind is a kludge, bound to have unwanted effects, whereby you redefine the Part number display command \thepart to force it to a fixed width. (Of course this will also affect the actual Part titles and cross-references to them, etc.) For left-aligning:

\renewcommand{\thepart}{\hbox to 4em{\Roman{part}}}

For right:

\renewcommand{\thepart}{\hbox to 4em{\hfil\Roman{part}}}

I'm surprised you're using part divisions in an article, however... Are you sure you don't want to use sections instead? This would give you more flexibility.

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