[Tex/LaTex] Calculator style base 10 notation in LaTeX


What is the best way to write something like 6.22E-21 in LaTeX, given that I don't want the numerals to be \tt, I do want the E to be small, and I may want the exponent to be negative (without the huge LaTeX minus sign)?

I'm sure this is a duplicate of another question that I just can't find.

Example here: enter image description here

Best Answer

For a one-off implementation of your typesetting needs, you could try


This will work in both text and math mode. If you use the amsmath package, you should type


as this is slightly more general than the first solution. Specifically, it'll work better if the expression ever occurs in scriptstyle (first-level sub- and superscripts) or scriptscriptstyle (second-level sub- and superscripts) material.

Conversely, if you have a lot of numbers that you wish to typeset in this way, you should implement a solution along the lines provided in @AlfC's answer. Otherwise, sooner or later some inconsistencies in the way you typeset these numbers will creep in.