[Tex/LaTex] designated symbol for the negative sign in, say, -16


I've been using -16 in my LaTeX code to write negative numbers.

But the problem with that, is in many displays and LaTeX rendering kits, it displays the - sign as extremely long and separated from all the other mathematical symbols (e.g. the 16).

Since I knew that LaTeX is an extremely thorough, powerful and complex language, I thought there definitely must be a way to pass this slightly annoying problem.

I don't really want my users looking at a mile-long negative sign.

Is there a way?

Example: I don't want this - too wide and ugly.

Best Answer

I am not a fan of typing numbers in the text in mathmode. It's fine if you use a complete font, but what if you decide to change the math font later? I prefer to use the textminus from the textcomp package. If your editor is unicode capable you can enter the proper minus symbol directly.

Edit: siunitx is able to handle numbers correctly as well.

Edit 2: To respond a bit more to the question asked, there is no typographical difference between a 'minus' and 'negative' sign. The difference is the kerning: With $-12$ the sign is close to the number, with $10-12$ the minus has appropriate kerning between the numbers. In short, there should be no need to resize the minus sign for negative numbers as a good font should have a minus sign so that its length blends in well with text.



\DeclareUnicodeCharacter{2212}{\textminus}% requires a unicode capable editor



Number \textminus10 (textcomp minus)\\
Number −10 (unicode minus)\\% requires a unicode capable editor
Number -10 (normal text minus)\\
Number $-10$ (all math mode)\\    
Number \num{-16} (siunitx textmode. No bug, my bad. Sorry Joseph)\\
Number $\num{-16}$ (siunitx mathmode)


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