[Tex/LaTex] building and viewing PDFs on Kile opens multiple instances of the same file


I've been a relatively long-time user of TeXnicCenter, and whenever I recompiled a tex file to PDF and viewed the output in that program, I would get an updated version of the PDF that was already open.

I started using Kile and realized that whenever I tried doing the same thing, Kile would open a new PDF file, even if an older version of the PDF was already open. I was wondering if there is some way to change this, so that the old PDF file becomes updated, and so that I wouldn't end up with multiple versions of the same PDF open.

Best Answer

The standard viewer for Kile is Okular. Under Settings >> configure Kile >> Tools >> Build >> viewPDF you need to add --unique to the options. This will make Okular only open a single window.

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