[Tex/LaTex] BibTeX style always uses ampersand regardless of choice in makebst


I've now twice generated a bst file using makebst. Regardless of my choice when asked whether to use "and" or "&" for 3+ authors in the reference list, the style always uses "&". I would very much prefer "and" to be spelled out. Any idea how to fix this? I am using harvard, not natbib, but could be persuaded to change.

What initially led me to generate a new style was that kluwer.bst which I was previously using somehow didn't use "et al." for in-text citations (again for sources with 3+ authors) when the publication type is tech report but instead put all names into the citation, while it works fine for articles. A remedy for that would also be helpful.

I've looked into the .bst files, but I have really no idea what to change. Any help or hints towards a solution would be greatly appreciated as I really have to finish this article.

Best Answer

The harvard package defines a command \harvardand which, depending on the style, is set to '&'. This can be changed to 'and' with:

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