[Tex/LaTex] Biblatex using polyglossia language setting


I noticed biblatex uses the language option passed to polyglossia first, before acknowledging the option passed to it via the language = <language> option.

Here is the MWE that illustrates the problem.

\usepackage[language=slovene, backend=biber]{biblatex}



Cite here \parencite{aksin}.

The example compiles fine, but how can I avoid the warning given:

Package biblatex Warning: Language 'slovenian' not supported.

(biblatex) Using fallback language 'slovene' on input
line 25.

Best Answer

Consulting with biblatex maintainer Philip Kime, I give you his solution:


makes biblatex and biber understand that both language identifiers refer to the same sl-SI language (see package documentation, as @moewe suggests). Hence the bibliography strings like andothers or pages successfully get their respective translations - which was not the case when I compiled the MWE provided in the question.

Regarding the warnings in the log file, I would confirm that they cannot be avoided. That is, until the slovenian identifier is hard-coded into biblatex as a synonym for slovene, just like UKenglish is for british.