[Tex/LaTex] biblatex: Undefined control sequence. \lbx@lfromlang ->\iffieldundef


I'm a bit stuck here. While trying to change my document from plain bibtex to biblatex (for some various reason of cite handling) I'm stuck at this error message:

Undefined control sequence.
\lbx@lfromlang ->\iffieldundef 
                           {origlanguage} {} {\bibstring {from\thefield ...
l.131 \begin{document}

As far as I understand that, this is part of the biblatex *.lbx files. For that I tried some other languages with the babel packages and voilĂ  it is working.

Next step. Make a minimal example with the same bibfile, trying to reproduce the error:



 Text with cite \cite{novikova:2011}\\



This is working perfectly.

Can any one help me figuring out what is causing this strange behavior?
To rule out a bug in biblatex I also tried without any luck the 2.8 development branch.

The Bibtex entry for novikova:2011

     author = "Novikova, Aleksandra and Amecke, Hermann and Neuhoff, Karsten and Stelmakh, Kateryna and Kiss, Bernadett and Rohde, Clemans and Dunkelberg, Elisa and Matschoss, Kaisa and Darby, Sarah",
     title = "Information tools for energy demand reduction in existing residential buildings",
     institution = " Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)",
     year = 2011,
     month = "27~" # jun,
     type = "Study",
     url = "http://enef-haus.de"

Best Answer

I found the solution for my problem:
I was using a template provided by my university with its own class file. In that there were the command \RequirePackage{ngerman}. Without that my file compiles fine with biblatex.

As far as I understand it the \RequirePacke{ngerman} is only useful if I want to use the shorthands of that package before \begin{document}.
In conclusion: If I don't use any of that in my commands I should be fine with just \usepackage[ngerman]{babel}.