[Tex/LaTex] Biblatex supercite command with use of square brackets (like a reference style in Wikipedia)


In my report I would like to have the square brackets around the citations as superscripts (like in the Wikipedia style) using \supercite command.

The default \supercite{} command in biblatex package gives a number without brackets.

I have found a good reference in Biblatex cite with footnote only once, with use of brackets. However I am interested in such citation style just in normal text – not for the footnotes.

I know that I have to redefine some command but a lack of knowledge does not allow me to complete the task. Could anyone help me?

Best Answer

Would this work for you?

enter image description here



     {\BibliographyWarning{Ignoring prenote argument}}%
     {\BibliographyWarning{Ignoring postnote argument}}}


  author = {Author, A.},
  year = {2001},
  title = {Alpha},
  author = {Buthor, B.},
  year = {2002},
  title = {Bravo},
  author = {Cuthor, C.},
  year = {2003},
  title = {Charlie},




We are citing \supercite{A01,C03} and \supercite{B02} and \cite{C03}



You can comment out \let\cite=\supercite if you don't want \cite to behave like \supercite (but I thought you might, seeing as it is shorter to write).

For information, what was needed is added \bibopenbracket and \bibclosebracket around the citation command.

(And I shamelessly stole @lockstep's sample bib file, I pray for forgiveness).