[Tex/LaTex] biblatex: is it possible to combine two styles


Ok so after my first question yesterday Clickable, bottom page reference ?! Possible ? and based on the received answer I decided to head for biblatex, install biber and all. But the documentation is tough : I found the german tutorial but except Dancke shön I don't know what to say/do.

Ok so my question is simple.

I loaded biblatex this way


And the American Chemical Society style is perfect (well almost what I'm looking for).

Now this option loading verbose


allows me to have footnote citations as I wished!

But I would like to have footnote citations with op cit ibid. etc … and the ACS format (or whateever else format.)

Best Answer

It is quite easy. biblatex allows you to choose a style for the bibliography, and a style for the citation. It is clearly written in the biblatex documentation.


Instead of your style=chem-acs