[Tex/LaTex] beamer: Place hyperref buttons at very bottom of each page


I would like to have a set of navigation buttons at the very bottom of every slide, where the buttons lead to different slides depending on the section you are in, for example

\hyperlink{startpage}{\beamerreturnbutton{Back to start}} 
\hyperlink{thissectionstart}{\beamerreturnbutton{Back to section start}} 
\hyperlink{somewhere}{\beamergotobutton{More details}}
\hyperlink{section3}{\beamerskipbutton{Next section}} 
\hyperlink{contactinfo}{\beamerskipbutton{Contact information}}

This gives a nice set of buttons, but I would like to have them at the very bottom of each page, without altering the positions of the rest of the text. I tried inserting an


before that, which creates some space between the content and the buttons, but does not push them to the very bottom of the slides.

As I mentioned, the specific links in the buttons will vary on each slide, so I can not use some solutions with a fixed custom footer

Best Answer

Possibility 1:

Use Beamers build in navigation

\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}[default]

enter image description here

Possibility 2:

Put your buttons in the footline


\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}

    \quad\hyperlinkpresentationstart{\beamerreturnbutton{Back to start}}%
    \quad\hyperlinksectionstart{\beamerreturnbutton{Back to section start}}%
    \quad\hyperlink{moredetails}{\beamergotobutton{More details}}%
    \quad\hyperlinksectionstartnext{\beamerskipbutton{Next section}}%
    \quad\hyperlinkpresentationend{\beamerskipbutton{Contact information}}%



        more details



enter image description here