[Tex/LaTex] On inverting navigation bar and footer contents


I'm using the Frankfurt theme in beamer. It includes a sort of navigation bar with (sub-)section titles and a circle per slide in each (sub-)section. I'd like to move such a bar to the bottom of the page and displaying the footer at the header place.

Do you know what should I do?


1) How can I avoid to display that footer in the title slide?

2) How can I display the title of the presentation and the name of the author, say as in
theme? I tried to use the suggested preamble using Berlin but it does not work.

Best Answer

Frankfurt uses the smoothbars outer theme which sets the headline template but doesn't set the footline template. To change the header position to the bottom of the frame, it's enough to set the footline template to behave exactly as smoothbars sets the headline template. To place the navigation symbols in the header, you need to redefine the navigation symbols template to do nothing and then to insert the symbols in the headline template:


\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}
  \begin{beamercolorbox}[ignorebg,ht=2.25ex,dp=3.75ex]{section in head/foot}
      leftskip=.3cm,rightskip=.3cm plus1fil]{subsection in head/foot}
      \usebeamerfont{subsection in head/foot}\insertsubsectionhead
\hskip1em\usebeamercolor[fg]{navigation symbols dimmed}%


\section{Test section}
\subsection{Test subsection one}
\subsection{Test subsection two}


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