[Tex/LaTex] beamer over miktex 2.9 is not working with math environment


I have this problem where I can't built slide documents with beamer every time I include a math environment as simple as $\mu = A$. The log file posts this message at the end:

!pdfTeX error: miktex-pdftex.exe (file mathkerncmssi10): Font mathkerncmssi10 a
t 657 not found
 ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!

I understand that the file (mathkerncmssi10) that is apparently missing is part of the package sansmathaccent, but the package is already there and updated.

This is driving me crazy, I would appreciate any help.

Sure, I tried this with several examples. I can post this one

\title[Make a LaTeX presentation using Beamer]{Introduction  to Beamer\\How to make a presentation with LaTeX?}
\author{Nadir Soualem -- Astozzia}
\date{Jule 13, 2007}
This is a short introduction to Beamer class.

By the way, it turns out that I just tried this one in another PC and works fine.

Best Answer

Your pdftex.map-file hasn't been updated. Normally this happens if you have a local pdftex.map (in your user profile) created e.g. by an on-the-fly installation. In such cases you must run updmap to update the map if you install a font.