[Tex/LaTex] Bar overlapping in bar plot

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I created this graph using pgfplots:

enter image description here

As you can see, the bars overlap near 0. How can I solve the problem?




                             bar width = 5pt]
                    \addplot [fill=red!50,draw=red!50!black]
                        table [x=nodes,y=bc]
                    \addplot [fill=blue!70, draw=blue!50!black]
                        table [x=nodes,y=pnc]


Here the data using to make the plot:

nodes   bc          pnc
1       6.7916e-05  6.792e-05
3       6.8753e-05  6.8748e-05
7       7.0441e-05  7.0369e-05
12      7.2541e-05  7.2339e-05
20      7.5999e-05  7.5407e-05
25      7.8128e-05  7.7274e-05
35      8.252e-05   8.0968e-05
50      8.915e-05   8.6421e-05
65      9.5991e-05  9.1831e-05
75      0.00010053  9.5423e-05
90      0.00010756  0.00010082
100     0.00011228  0.00010441

Best Answer

I suppose you should use one of the coordinate filters to get rid of one or more of the offending data points.

A possibility could be

skip coords between index={1,3}

which would skip the coordinates with indices 1 and 2.