[Tex/LaTex] Center the axes in the coordinate origin


I need to center the axes in the coordinate origin. However, the axes is not centered and extends down as shown by the red circle.





  \begin{axis} [
    xlabel = \textit{Voltage},
    ylabel = \textit{Current},
    axis lines = middle,
    enlarge y limits = true,
    xmin = 0, xmax = 90,
    ymin = 0, ymax = 150,
    width=15cm, height=8cm,
    grid = major,
    grid style = {dashed, line width=.1pt, draw=gray!30},
    legend pos = north east,

    \addplot table[x index = {0}, y index = {1}]{\mydata};



enter image description here

Best Answer

Your problem is simply the option enlarge y limits, which you should set to false instead of true.