[Tex/LaTex] Axis label placement in 3d plot far out but why


I want to plot a dataset in a 3D pgfplots graph. It looks like a good start but somehow the label placement is far out. Boiling it down to a MWE did not give me any hints how to get the labels back in place. Is there any option I overlooked? My pgf and pgfplots version's are fairly recent, so it should not be this issue: 3d axis label ovelapping.

Here is my almost minimal example:



as_concentration    T   
0.00        0.0
0.00        0.152   
0.13        0.00    

as_concentration    T   
0.00        0.152   
0.13        0.00    

    ymin=-0.1, ymax=0.25, xmax=0.19, xmin=0,    zmax=0.3,
    axis lines=center,
    \addplot3 [forget plot,no marks,fill=blue, opacity=0.5] 
                     table[x=as_concentration,y expr=0,z=T] {\ascycledata}; 

    \addplot3+ [] table[x=as_concentration,y expr=0,z=T]    {\asdata};              


And the output with the axis labels far away:

wrong result

Best Answer

With percusse's hint it turns out that this problem is a known bug in pgfplots 1.7 (see: pgfplots: labels and width issues in non-boxed 3d plot with oblique projection).

Christian Feuersänger already fixed this in the most recent unstable version of pgfplots (1.7-181-gc021eee). The fixed behavior needs to be enabled via the explicit use of the new version: \pgfplotsset{compat=1.8}.