[Tex/LaTex] Auctex, how to use doc-view-mode


Newbie here. I have just installed emacs/auctex on my mac. I don't like xdvi to view the dvis, I like to use emacs' builtin pdf viewer to view pdf on its own split window on the right. It used to be so with emacs if I remember correctly, but after I installed the auctex, it seems it by default is using the xdvi. How can I switch back to use doc-view-mode to view my pdf then? Thanks

Best Answer

Try the following:

  1. Customize Tex View Program List

    • insert a new entry, with name set to Emacs (or any other meaningful word)
    • for the associated value menu, choose Command, and set the value to emacsclient %o
    • you may need to kill and restart Emacs for this to take effect
    • you will definitely need to start an Emacs server: either start emacs as emacs --daemon, or add (server-start) to your .emacs.
  2. Customize TeX View Program Selection

    • look for the entry for output-pdf
    • from the value menu for that entry, select Emacs

This works for me here on Emacs with Auctex 2014-02-04 from Melpa.