[Tex/LaTex] amsart.cls capitalizes the article title. How to disable it


I am writing an article with amsart.cls. amsart.cls capitalizes the title of the article. I looked into amsart.cls and found that \MakeUppercase is used in \maketitle. I tried to turn off this, but I could not. As for the author, I could turn off it. Is there any clues?

I am running TeX Live 2011 on an opensuse12.1 Linux box. amsart.cls is dated 2009, July.

Best Answer

You could define an environment, which disables uppercasing for a certain scope, such as:


And in the document:


After closing the environment, those temporarily disabled commands are working again, since the environment limits the scope of these redefinitions.

If you ever need to disable further uppercasing commands, such as \MakeUppercase, simply extend the environment.