[Tex/LaTex] Adding a content page with links to each section and subsection

lyxtable of contents

I am working on a thesis and need to create a contents page so that each entry is a link towards a section or subsection. The current layout I'm using is "Article".

How may I introduce a content page right after the abstract:

lyx contents page

so that the first entry (Introduction) will take the user to the Introduction section when clicked, in the PDF output document.

Best Answer

Within your document body, use Insert > List/TOC > Table of Contents:

enter image description here

This will insert a Table of Contents marker which will eventually output to a linked Table of Contents:

enter image description here

Also add hyperref support (Document > Settings... > PDF Properties > Use Hyperref Support) to enable hyperlinks from the ToC to the respective sections within your document:

enter image description here

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